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Pau Yuen Tong Balm

Pau Yuen Tong Delay Plus Cream Old Chinese Balm Control


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  • Pau Yuen Tong Balm Pau Yuen Tong Balm
  • Pau Yuen Tong Balm Pau Yuen Tong Balm

Pau Yuen Tong Delay Plus Cream Old Chinese Balm Control

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Quick Overview

One of the most effective ejaculation control products.

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Old Chinese Balm


Pau Yuen Tong Balm is a well-acknowledged product among its customers for its high effectiveness.

What is Pau Yuen Tong made of?

Formulated using natural herbs, our Pau Yuen Tong Balm caters best results when used an hour before copulation. Moreover, Pau Yuen Tong Balm is not a desensitizer but it heightens and sharpens a man’s sensitivity, and at the same time adds a new control to his orgasmic powers. Pau Yuen Tong balm also helps with erection and vitality in men.

The package of Pau Yuen Tong balm is very small in size. It's a bit bigger than a dollar quarter coin (slighter more than an inch). And it's not that thick 3/8 of an inch. This makes the Old Chinese balm something that would fit your pocket in a very discreet way.

What does Tong balm do?

Pau Yuen Tong Balm is an ancient oriental male delay cream intended to keep you going for longer and is said to be very effective. Product may take as little as 15 minutes to work for some individuals.

Does Tong balm burn? How do you use Pau Yuen Tong delay balm?

The amount of Pau Yuen Tong Balm that one needs to use varies from person to person. Do not use too much of this delay balm in the beginning, practice until you can judge by the effects. Do not let the small size of the Pau Yuen Tong Balm container fool you. This small container lasts around a month or more for some customers.

The Pau Yuen Tong formula is said to have been used in China for years and only recently moved to the West. Rather than numbing the penis to extend the sexual encounter, Pau Yuen Tong balm is said to intensify sensations while delivering increased sexual restraint. The old Chinese balm also reportedly delivers a more intense orgasm when climax is reached.

Here are some independent tong balm reviews about this product:

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Based on customer feedbacks, you can apply this product anywhere from between 2 to four hours prior to the time you need it. Effectiveness varies from person to person so you must find out the best timing for yourself.


Directions: For external use only.

  1. Spreed a thin layer around the head of the sex organ 20 min before sexual activities.
  2. If women is not satisfied easily , apply very light application twice at 15 min intervals.
  3. Never use heavy application at the same time.


We highly recommend that you start with a very small amount. Touch the balm slightly with the tips of your finger and then apply that thin layer to the head of your penis. Do not over use the balm. If you over use it, you can wash it off with water. If you wash it after application, do NOT reapply the balm, whatever remains on the skin is enough. Also give it an hour or so to be effective. 



  • Keep away from the eyes.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Keep in a cool place.

These product and the statements stated here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All natural Ingredients:
Ginseng, Cloves, Brandy, Aloe Wood, Aromatic Oils, 95% Petroleum Jelly.

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SKU 035208-D1E
UPC Code 6009900035208
Manufacturer Pau Yuen Tong
Size No
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Color No
Flavor No
Time Needed for Effectiveness 45 to 4 hours
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  1. lazyload
    Love this stuff, works great! review by John on 3/19/2022

    I wanted to see what all the hype with this stuff was all about and this stuff is incredible! It works so well and with that comes a warning-don’t apply too much. It’s better to apply the multiple thin layers over a few hours as recommended. If you apply too much you will be pounding away for hours and unable to cum. You’ll only make that mistake once.
    I gave this a try without telling my wife, I wanted to see if she noticed a difference. Her mind was blown. I usually fill her with my baby batter after I make her cum twice but that night we were in about a half a dozen different positions and taking turns riding each other and I just kept going. After her second orgasm I took her from behind, a position that I always blow quickly in, but not this time! I just kept going until she came again, then we changed positions and keep going.
    We enjoyed about an hour and a half of penetrative fun before I busted my nut and when I did it was so intense. Another benefit of having sex for this long is the ropes of cum I blew in my wife when I ejaculated were so strong and there was so much!
    This stuff left a slightly warm feeling on my frenulum about an hour after application but once the sex started I could still feel everything but at the same time I had total control over my ejaculation. I didn’t have to slow down or pull out to let my over stimulated cock calm down before it blew. I could just keep thrusting away. My wife and I love this stuff! We don’t use it every night but we always have some for those times we want to just go at each other. A must try product!

  2. lazyload
    Strongly recommend it review by James on 5/3/2018

    This is the best delay balm I have ever used, no desensitize at all, don't need to use a lot just a little tiny layer around the glans after 20 min you are good to go and have the best ejaculation ever had

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